New Construction Might Make Sense

We have been watching the new construction market in SW Florida for some time now and it is Hot.  With the shortage of pre existing homes on the market and the rising prices of those homes along with inexpensive land, new construction might be what you need for your SW Florida home.  

The pricing for pre existing and new construction price per sq ft is getting close in some areas and you may be able to get a home where you pick your colors, carpet or tile, cabinets in the kitchen and get a warranty for close to the same price as pre existing homes.  We did a search of spec homes on the market (homes builders are building with no buyer yet) and we were surprised at the numbers available.  You may find a brand new home and not have to wait for construction.  The link below is a sample of those homes and they are as low as $89 per sq ft under air.

New Construction 

Now might be the right time for your SW Florida home and we can help.  Even if your not ready to move yet, the rental market is hot and rents are rising.  Cover your costs of your new home until your ready to move in.  

We are here to answer all your questions.  Let us know how we can help!