Common Homeowner Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re a renter, there are a lot of details you might overlook. Given how much is out of your control about the condition or landscaping around your apartment complex or rented home, you may not be greatly interested in certain aspects of the house.


All of that changes when the home is your own investment. With your money and your safety on the line 24/7, you’ll need to pay attention to some areas which renters take for granted. Keep these few tips in mind and you’ll avoid several common homeowner mistakes.

Would You AirBnB Your Home to Sell It?

Doesn’t it seem strange that people buy houses without actually living in them a little first? There’s a new trend emerging in which some sellers are listing their house on AirBnB while they’re looking to sell. Is this a good idea?

Barclays Issues Housing Forecast

Barclays forecasts U.S. housing prices to rise by 11.0 percent in 2013 and 7.0 percent in 2014, based on data through the second quarter. Prices are up 7.6 percent and 7.2 percent this year through June, seasonally adjusted for the CoreLogic aggregate and distressed-excluded indices, respectively, according to Barclays’ Q3 Regional Housing Update.

Fannie Mae: Confidence in Home Price Gains Reaches Record Levels

Reports of strong home price gains drove confidence in the housing market up to record levels in May, Fannie Mae reported.

Cape Coral Median Price Chart

Cape Coral Median Price of Homes

FHFA Extends HARP for Another Two Years

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) granted the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) a two-year extension, the agency announced Thursday.

Why do Mortgage Insurance companys have a say?

What about the Mortgage Insurance companies?

Short Sales Are The Way To Go!

Short Sales are the way to go





If you are one of the many investors taking advantage of the current real-estate market by “flipping homes” there are several things you should consider when making improvements and renovations. While many improvements will add value to a home, others will not and what works in one neighborhood may not work in another.

Surviving foreclosure: A year in review

Surviving foreclosure: A year in review • July 12, 2009


July 15: The Fed adopts a plan to curb shady mortgage practices. Lax lending standards during the heady days of the housing boom ended up burning the riskiest “sub-prime” borrowers—people with tarnished credit or low incomes—because they got loans they couldn’t afford or didn’t understand.